The Secrets of Power Negotiating by Roger Dawson

Roger Dawson is known both as a motivational speaker, and as a real estate master. He has been a professional public speaker for almost 30 years. Before then, he was a real estate master and an employer of up to 540 people in 28 different offices at one point. Anyone that has bought a home, or a piece of property knows all to well that there is a tenuous negotiation process involved. Beyond real estate, it’s mind boggling to think of the negotiations that we practice everyday, and we might not even realize it. Some people are very successful negotiators. These are the people who seem like they get everything that they want from life. Then again, there are those that seem like they can’t catch a break in any area of their life. They might have poor relationships. They might not be advancing in their careers. Maybe they’ve bought the house of the vehicle for far more money that they could have. These are the people who need to learn negotiation skills. There is a book for people like these, or for people who want to take their negotiation skills up a few notches. That book is called The Secrets of Power Negotiating, by Roger Dawson.

In The Secrets Of Power Negotiating, the reader will be taught negotiating skills from every angle. Actually, there will be two main angles to focus on: your angle, and theirs. Roger Dawson want to leave the impression overall, that a successful negotiation happens when both parties walk away feeling like they’ve both gained something. It’s always good when both parties leave the negotiation feeling satisfied. However, Roger Dawson goes in step further in the book The Secrets Of Power Negotiating, by teaching the reader to make the other person feel satisfied, even if the bargain isn’t slanted in their favor, but in yours. When you can create negotiations that are slanted in your favor, or are largely in your favor without making enemies, then you know that you’ve mastered the process.

When it comes to corporate situations, The Secrets of Power Negotiating by Roger Dawson will help business owners to improve their profits, and to create leverage for themselves. It will teach managers on how to become the best leaders in the organization. But this book goes far beyond the boardroom. Again, it bears repeating the all humans negotiate in every area of their life, even if they don’t realize that they are doing it. Even children negotiate with their parents, and with authority figures. To this end, the book will teach parents about how to guide their children, and how to raise their children in a way that is fair, but that establishes them as the authority figures in their child’s life. Readers can learn how to gain things, such as lower retail prices on their purchases. But they will also learn how to make people feel good, and thus improve their social situations, and their social standing.

Roger Dawson has had many years in dealing with people, relating to people, and learning what makes people tick. He has mastered the tool and the tricks that allows people to get their way in life, and yet leave others feeling good about the experience. He doesn’t want people to make others feel negatively manipulated or toxic. But he does teach in the book The Secrets Of Power Negotiating, about how to be shrewd, and how to get the benefits for yourself that life has to offer.