Beginner’s Mind – Experience Power And Beauty In The Present Moment

Have you ever watched a child who is just learning to walk? Their sheer joy is contagious! The sense of amazement and accomplishment in their eyes reflects a special state of mind. In martial arts and many Eastern traditions, this is known as “beginner’s mind” – being fully engaged in the experience, fully present in the moment, without expectation or comparison. This is where true learning happens.

Years ago, I practiced a martial art called Aikido. My sensei (teacher) was a very quiet Japanese man who taught primarily through demonstration, not words. But if he saw someone “going through the motions,” he would gently remind us to move back into beginner’s mind, where we could be fully attentive and apply the best of ourselves.

This simple concept can enhance our experience of any aspect of life. It brings joy to even the most mundane tasks, and it helps us develop a stronger sense of awareness in everyday life.

If you find that your life or current activity is feeling a little boring, here are some tips to help shift your

Practise Beginner’s Mind

* Do something new at least once a week. Whether it’s trying a new restaurant or talking to a stranger, experiences that are out of the ordinary will shift your mindset.

* Do an ordinary task in a different way. Try taking a new route to work or even brushing your teeth with the opposite hand.

* Pause in the middle of an activity and ask yourself: how would it feel if I was doing this for the first time in my life?

Do You Have the 3 Traits to Be a Successful Global Negotiator?

At some point in your career, if not already, you may be called upon to exercise leadership qualities in the global negotiation process. At the very least it may be to host potential global partners when they visit your organization. How prepared are you?

Dealing with global partners is just like dealing with any business situation. Right? Wrong! Successful negotiations with overseas companies begins when you show genuine sincerity, warmth, patience and appreciation for their ways; whether it’s over there or when you’re hosting them in your town.

To be successful in global negotiating you must apply 3 characteristic traits:

1. Flexibility

If you are a creature of habit and like “safe harbors,” you might do well to avoid international business. If you tend to be open-minded, are a student of the human condition (no matter the origins), enjoy new experiences, meeting people of different cultural backgrounds, learning and applying new things, that’s a start. It takes a “geocentric” attitude to be consistently successful in negotiating with overseas companies.

2. Broad-mindedness

To be successful internationally you must be receptive to different patterns of business norms. Tolerance and appreciation for differences is vital in negotiating in global markets. Being good in your own backyard doesn’t mean you’ll be good with foreign nationals. Those American businessmen who see impatience and over aggressiveness as virtues (and we are numerous) have the least chance of being successful with foreign companies, even English speaking ones.

Mr. David Nomchong of New South Wales, Australia, at a meeting some years ago here in the U.S., told me that the major reason that American businessmen fail in doing business in his country is not lack of negotiating ability or lack of business knowledge, but excessive familiarity, over aggressiveness, impatience and lack of respect for his “mates” down under.

3. Patience

As Americans, we are among the least patient people in the world. I have a business associate who shines in local negotiations yet does poorly when dealing with off-shore people. He lacks patience and exemplifies the “milk maid syndrome” (a maid spends all day milking a cow and then, in a fit of impatience, knocks the bucket over). As an example, when dealing in Asia it’s good to keep in mind that it might actually take several years to bring a business venture to fruition. Reason: Asians tend to be patient people and want to know who they are dealing with; an admirable trait. It takes them a long time to become comfortable with us (…yet, only a short time to make the actual deal).

The best coaching I can conclude with is: Avoid starting off by playing “King of the Hill” to let the other party know you’re in charge and can’t be pushed around. Save your tough negotiating skills for later when the tensions are reduced. Let the ball get rolling with “small talk” and looking for mutual personal interests that help to develop mutual respect that puts everyone at ease. It may take some time, but it will be well worth it.

Shake Things Up This Valentines With Risque Presents!

Do you remember those days when you just could not wait to see the beautiful face of your beloved? You would phone each other at work several times a day, just to hear their pretty voice and seductive giggle one more time and the boss would be on the verge of giving you a warning for wasting company time. It does not seem that long ago that when your eyes met, the pair of you experienced that fluttering heart, the butterflies in the stomach and the compelling urge to rush into each other’s arms.

All that both of you could ever think of was each other and all you both lived for was the time when you could be together again. Although you enjoyed being out with friends, neither of you could wait to be alone together, somewhere quiet and there was never enough time to say all the things that were on your minds. In each other’s company, time would fly by and before you knew it you were saying a long and passionate goodbye until the next date, which even if it was going to be on the next day will always seem like an eternity away.

Then it just kept getting better and better. Perhaps you had a romantic holiday together, away from all of your friends and family, giving you both a chance to really get to know one another. Perhaps you set up home together, put down roots and started planning a family.

Once time passes and you get on with your busy lives, it is all too easy to lose your priorities. Friends want to have lunch with you on your own or meet up in the pub for a natter and you find that you do not do things together as a couple as much as you used to. It is important to rekindle that burning flame that is still flickering within you both, even if neither of you has expressed your love for one another for quite some time. With the right Valentine’s Day Presents you are sure to find it easy to feel the excitement that was there all those years ago.

If you want to set the mood for a night of hot passion, there are some risque Valentine’s Day Presents that will show your loved one what is on your mind. If you are planning a Valentines Day get together with friends, you can all enjoy a naughty game of Foreplay Connect.

Each of the counters in this game are emblazoned with a raunchy foreplay suggestion and the winner gets to play out their own fantasy by choosing a combination of counters especially for that special person, so perhaps this game could be taken upstairs later on when everyone else has gone home. Once you are upstairs, a lovely way to create the right mood is with A Rose Petal Seductions Box which contains many rose petals, each one with its own message. You can choose to sprinkle them across your bed or even create a trail that will lead to who knows where.

What can be said about one of the raunchiest Valentine’s Day Presents a Lovers Candy G-String and covered with more than 330 delicious sweets this little pleasure could last a very long time. If you feel that you have both fallen into a bedroom rut, The Kama Sutra has been working wonders for many years and will give you both some new ideas and this is one of those Valentines Day presents that is truly inspirational. It will be on your list of favourite bedtime reading for a long time to come and is crammed with things for you both to try out.

Later, as you both take a break to get your breath back, one of the Valentines Day presents that is guaranteed to refresh and relax is the Daisy Bath Flowers Box, a pretty heart shaped box containing pink and red daisy shaped luxury petals which, as they are sprinkled into a bath, will melt to release a glorious rose fragrance. All that you both need to do now is to climb in and soak up the atmosphere together before embarking on a few more romantic pastimes.

If you have never tried Chocolate Body Paint, you just have not lived. Raunchy Valentines Day presents like this one are fun, humorous and also delicious. Along with a soft body brush, the tube of body paint can be brushed onto any of your favourite places that belong to your passion partner. Who says that the passion has to go, when you can have all this fun whenever you choose?

If you want to have a successful Valentines Day, make sure you give raunchy Valentines Day presents that are guaranteed to spice up your love life.