2011 Best Christmas Gifts for Men – Xmas Present Ideas for Him

It is the men of our lives that deserve nothing but the best during the biggest day of the year. Imagine them working all-year round just to give everything for us – unbelievable. That is why in giving Christmas gifts, it is important not to just give them the usual things because we know they deserve more than that. To help you think about great Christmas gifts for men 2011, here’s a list of the most wonderful items you can give.

• Leather Belt

If you want something useful and masculine, this is the perfect Christmas present because it fits for all type of personalities, because all men use belts for their jeans or shorts. Also, this would be perfect if you do not exactly know the interest of the person receiving your gift.

• A Stylish Polo Shirt

Men are naturally stylish and always want to look presentable on the eyes of everyone. Help him achieve this by giving him a simple yet very stylish Polo shirt which he can use in any occasion anywhere and anytime. This kind of Christmas gift will surely be highly appreciated by them; therefore it is one of the best Christmas gifts for him 2011.

• Men’s Pouch Bag

Nowadays, most men only want to bring a small and handy bag that will not make them look less of a guy. Well, if this is the case why not just give him a pouch which he can bring to put his important things in it. Handy and useful bags like this will be unique; hence will make him feel happier on Christmas.

• Gift Cards (GC)

If you do not know what he really likes or doesn’t have much time to personally look some gifts for him, then a gift card is the perfect Christmas present you could give. Gift checks are really famous now as the best Christmas gifts for men 2011. It is safer to give the receiver the opportunity to choose what he really wants to buy and have this yuletide season.

• Rubber shoes

Men are naturally adventurous that they always wear rubber shoes in going anywhere. Rubber shoes have always been the most wanted gifts men love to have. Give him what he wants on Christmas day! He deserves it anyway.

Those that are stated above are just some of the suggested gifts for him. But remember, it is still important to know the personality of the person you want to give the gift so you would know which suits him best.

Tips on How to Prepare and Deliver Your Flipchart Presentation

Flipchart easels can be low in price, very user friendly and an adaptable tool for presentations, meetings, classrooms or focus groups. A flipchart solution including a flipchart easel and pack of five flipchart pads can cost as little as £30 and can be easily set up in no time at all.

Yes it is a simple presenting tool, however this does not make it inferior to more modern methods and offers many benefits and tricks you can use for presenting. This article aims to offer tips to help you prepare and deliver your flipchart presentations.

Presenting Tips Using Flipchart Easels

1. Try to prepare your flipchart ahead of the presentation. Make sure you have completed most of your paper sheets in advance; therefor you can better engage and communicate with your audience instead of having your back turned to them. It is a good idea to leave certain components for either you or your audience to complete – this allows for audience participation.

2. The last page of your presentation should summarise all topics discussed throughout your presentation. This can be a simple list of bullet points that describes crucial areas you have covered and the message you want to convey.

3. Your start page should be clean, simple and deliver the overall subject with a title and your name. This will help communicate the overall message, clarity and not distract the audience from the start.

4. Ensure you keep a few pages blank so you can take notes, useful questions and record audience comments.

5. Similar to above, leave a little space for comments or notes and audience participation.

6. Prepare all your diagrams and pictures in advance in trace pencil so if you need draw them during the presentation, you can simply draw over them with your pen. This way you can precisely finish the diagrams in better time while simultaneously talking to your audience. It is crucial to check your flipchart easels for stability, so practice every instance beforehand.

7. Check your lettering is big and clear enough to be seen by people at the back of the group. It’s always a good idea to try this with some friends or colleagues before presenting. Ask your test audience to position themselves at the back of the room, create multiple sizes of text, until they agree a suitable size that is clearly legible.

8. Your words should be written in strong, dark colours such as blue or black as this is the easiest to read. Use colours to fill in charts, diagrams and pictures to make them more interesting.

9. Never block or stand in front of your flipchart easels during the presentation as it may frustrate the audience if you’re asking them to refer to the sheet for information.

10. To conclude the presentation, pass around one page handouts that cover the key points and message for the audience to take away. Try not to over complicate the content/design, or be tempted to include your whole presentation as it will simply end up in the bin.

Commercial Real Estate – Listing Presentation Tips For Agents

The real estate listing presentation has to be specific to the property and the local market. Generic listing presentations are not worth the paper they’re written on. Far too many real estate agents use generic presentations which do not deal specifically with the property or the current economic climate.

If you have been invited to prepare a listing presentation for a vendor, the following list of topics will assist your presentation process and format. They are in relative order although the order may change to suit your business focus and the property.

  1. The executive summary should appear at the front of the document. This should be no more than two pages in length and should include the key attributes of the following proposal.
  2. A property brief should be included here to explain the requirements of the client and the sale as you understand them.
  3. A description of the property in detailed format is required at this point. This will require a search of the property title, leases, encumbrances, rights of way, and any other orders or notices that can have impact on the property sale. It is also appropriate to attach indicative plans of the premises and the tenant mix.
  4. A summary of the current market trends is important at this point. The client needs to understand the location of of any existing comparable property with which they compete, the current price evidence from other listings and sales of recent time, time on market for recent sales, and the enquiry type that is being recorded in this market.
  5. A summary of the target market that you wish to tap into will give the client a solid understanding of the property as you see it. When you define the target market correctly, you can define the marketing campaign and its individual elements.
  6. A summary of property changes and alterations that should be adopted and required prior to the releasing of the property into the market place. Give due regard to the tenant mix, any vacant areas, the exercising of any lease options and rent reviews, the improvements on the property, legal documentation, and operational costs.
  7. The recommendations that you wish to make to the client regards the pricing of the property given the existing comparable sales and other methods of price analysis that you adopt. It will be necessary for you to use evidence of other sales in this process.
  8. The recommendation that you wish to make regards the method of sale to adopt with the subject property. Not every method of sale will be appropriate in a given market. It is necessary to explain to the client the best method of sale that you believe is relative to the marketing campaign.
  9. Details of the marketing campaign to be used in the property promotion process. That should include costing’s, selected media to be used, a draft adverts, and examples of other campaigns where the client can make choices of format and layout.
  10. Testimonials and other information regards the staff and your office involved in the sale process will be relevant but should only be inserted at the back of the document. Most clients find this information tedious and irrelevant.

When you prepare a comprehensive document to support your listing presentation, the client can see that you are totally aligned to the opportunity that the property presents. This property market requires agents that are innovative and proactive.

Listing of a property for sale is the first stage of a strategic and comprehensive sale process. That is the high value the real estate agent brings to the clients in this market.