How to Perform Magic-like Business Powerpoint Presentations

It is not about playing magic tricks during your business meetings or performing sleight of hand to perform coin or card tricks, or even pulling a rabbit from a magician’s hat. It is an undeniable fact that magic stunts are indeed entertaining and mostly audiences are easily mesmerized by it. In order to optimize your PowerPoint presentation, you have to be a ‘magician’ rather than an ordinary presenter.

Qualities of being a ‘magician’

Being a magician able to divert your attention to something important rather than focus on something irrelevant or unimportant. Famous magicians like David Copperfield, David Blaine and Chris Angel are not just remarkable magic performers, but as a talented storytellers.

Being one storyteller, one has to convince audiences to what the storyteller has to say. In order to do so, the storyteller has to be confident and high sense of humor to grasp audiences’ attention.

During your business presentation, you have to simplify your PowerPoint slides and divert your clients’ attention to your business ideas with minimal efforts. Therefore, it shortens the time of managing or creating slides in which this particular task previously would take a longer time to be completed.  

What are the ‘magic tricks’ that you should include in your slides?

These tricks are simply irresistible to your clients – only if you know what they actually want.   

In this case, let’s us discuss how you put ‘yourself’ into your slides.

Step 1: Insert your own picture into your slide template

Make sure you insert your professional looking picture of yourself into your slide templates. This picture has to be you or your colleagues (if you in groups), and the attire has to be the same as what you are wearing during your presentation.

For example, if you are wearing black suits in front of your audiences, it has to be the same in your picture. It is like a ‘magic trick’ that diverts your clients’ attention to your slides when they see a still picture of you on the screen.

Step 2: Create a dialogue bubble in each of the slide

Whenever you want to deliver your ideas to your clients, insert a dialogue bubble along with the text-contents in which both represent a conversation that initiated from your picture that has been inserted in your slide template earlier.

This creates a close rapport with your clients in which they area able to relate with your product ideas, company background in terms of its mission statement, objectives and other related resources.