How To Create Sensational Videos Out Of Your PowerPoint Presentations

Quite often I find myself spending a good amount of time on YouTube watching the latest video submissions. When I log on to CNN or NPR I always like to watch the iReports or news videos. Sometimes I would rather watch the video than read the report. Television commercials have been the gold standard of product marketing for decades. Now instead of spending millions to market our products, we can make a video and submit it to YouTube for next to nothing. All we need is a decent camera, a computer, and we are ready to go. My problem is that I am not comfortable in front of a camera. I know that video marketing reaches millions of people. As a Network Marketing business owner, I must take advantage of this medium.

A solution for someone like me is to make a PowerPoint video presentation. I can take advantage of video marketing without ever having to step in front of a camera. The process of making these videos is not as complicated as you might think. There are a couple pieces of software you will need to download, but the cost is minimal.

As part of our Internet Marketing strategy, we should be posting information on our blogs, submitting articles to the most popular directories, and yes, submitting videos to sites such as YouTube. All three of these activities require you to come up with interesting and original content. A good plan of action is to start by writing a blog post. I like my posts to be between 600-1000 words. Long enough to relate the information on my subject, but short enough that my readers will not lose interest. Next, take that same original content and write 2-3 articles that you can submit to the article directories. And finely, use one or two of the article and make PowerPoint presentations. If you are a MAC fanatic, KeyNote will be the program to use.

You will want to design a PowerPoint slide that has your business or company logo at the top. You can save that as a template to be used as your master slide. The logo will give the presentation a professional look. Next, take the content from your articles and simply copy and paste it onto the slides. Try to split the content evenly so that it looks good in the final presentation. It is that easy. In less than twenty minutes, you will have a presentation ready to turn into video. Now for the software programs that I mentioned. One will create the video and the other will help you submit the finished product.

1. CamStudio: CamStudio is free software that will record whatever is on your computer desktop as video and your voice as audio. Unfortunately, they do not offer a version that is compatible with Mac OS. This software has excellent video tutorials to help you get started.

• Camtasia: For the Mac user, Camtasia is the software that you will have to use. It can be purchased for about $100.00 and there is a 30-day trial period before you have to buy. 

2. TubeMogul: TubeMogul is a free service that will help you submit your finished video to the sites of your choice. You will have to establish accounts with the individual video submission sites, and log your user name and pass word with TubeMogul. 

• Traffic Geyser: As an alternative to TubeMogul, Traffic Geyser has a few more features and is more user-friendly, but charges a monthly fee. 

The last piece of hardware you will want to get is a good noise-canceling microphone. The sound quality will be much better than the microphones built into your computer. Open up the CamStudio or Camtasia software and start the record feature. Then just read your presentation into the microphone. Of course you will want to practice a few times to get a good recording. Try to put some personality into the presentation so your listeners will be more likely to watch the entire video. After you are satisfied with your creation, submit it using TubeMogul or Traffic Geyser. This is a fun and inexpensive way to get your content in front of millions of viewers.