5 Simple AV Tips For a Flawless Presentation

Have you ever been in a meeting where something went wrong with the A/V?  Most of us have, and may God have mercy on you if it just so happens to be YOU!  Nothing is more mortifying than standing in front of an audience trying to get your audio-visual equipment to behave itself or trying to overcome some technological short-coming.

With all this complex technology we use during presentations, you’d think it was something electronic at fault for most A/V snafus and faux pas.  Ironically, it’s just the opposite.  It’s the simple things that’ll kill you… or worse yet, your audience.

The following is a short list of some things to keep in mind when you’re coordinating the A/V needs for your next event or meeting:

  1. Overamplification is a common mistake.  Volume will not compensate for improperly mixed sound or poor audio equipment – it will only draw more attention to the issue.
  2. Screen Size should correspond with room size, set up and attendance.
  3. Images on the large screen might appear distorted and discolored on the large screen.  Be sure to test your presentations prior to the meeting to avoid this common mistake.
  4. Don’t forget about rehearsal time.  Make sure a technician from your A/V company is available to attend rehearsal.
  5. Don’t take the house lights down too much that it becomes a hazard for your guests.  Not to mention it puts them to sleep.

This is far from a complete list of things you can do to help make your presentation a success.  If I had only one tip to provide, it would be to practice, practice, practice with the equipment and in the venue you plan to use.  If this isn’t possible, arrive with plenty of time to iron out the bugs. 

If all else fails and you’re thrown into a presentation without prep time, all I can suggest is that you say a prayer before stepping on stage and simply hope for the best.