Christian Public Speaker – A Flexible Choice for Any Presentation Or Event

A Christian public speaker can present a topic at any event. They are just as effective as long as their experience and presentation background include the message being conveyed. These speakers are often shied away from for less personal events because of their religious knowledge. The fear of offending audience members shadows the many benefits these presenters have to offer. What many event planners do not understand is that Christian oriented speakers do not have to provide presentations that come from a religious standpoint. Public speaking comes in many different forms and religious presenters are just as versatile as any other form of speaker.

A Christian Public Speaker Is More Than Just Spiritual Inspiration

Remove Christian and you are left with a public speaking expert. Christian speakers are very uplifting and have personal experiences that can relate to every audience member. For non-religious events, they provide the inspiration of using personal strength to deal with struggles individuals are going through at work and in their home life. Handling stress in the workplace is an example of one of these struggles. It is guaranteed that a Christian speaker has dealt with stress and other very common issues. They can discuss how they personally felt and offer new ways to tackles these problems. Other issues such as working relationships, productivity, team building, and communication can all be easily covered by one of these presenters. The word Christian throws planners and individuals off because an automatic association is made involving faith and religion. While these presenters are often experts in this realm of speaking, this is not the only presentation topic they can cover. Christian presenters have gone through the same experiences as all others and have the skills necessary to be serene and connect to the audience in a more personal manner.

Benefits Received From Choosing a Christian Public Speaker

A general public speaker covers topics in a more formal manner. This approach can be effective for certain events; however, the additional inspiration a Christian public speaker can provide is also beneficial. Great public speakers can knowledgeably discuss a topic and make it appealing to the audience. They may not be able to personally connect to them through personal experience and inspire them to change their thinking or try new things. Their abundance of real life incidents make them more real to the audience. Knowledge can be impressive. When a speaker has been through the same issues and rose above them, that makes a true impact. That is why these presenters are commonly used as life coaches and to inspire lifestyle changes. Audience members want to see and hear someone they can relate to. This peak in interest helps make the event and message more memorable to everyone involved. The stories and advice received can compel people to improve their lives by making positive changes in their surrounding environment. Not every speaker has this ability and overlooking Christian presenters out of fear or misunderstanding may reduce the chances of an even being successful. Consider what Christian presenters bring to the table for audience members and the entire event before writing them off as an option.

How to Perform Magic-like Business Powerpoint Presentations

It is not about playing magic tricks during your business meetings or performing sleight of hand to perform coin or card tricks, or even pulling a rabbit from a magician’s hat. It is an undeniable fact that magic stunts are indeed entertaining and mostly audiences are easily mesmerized by it. In order to optimize your PowerPoint presentation, you have to be a ‘magician’ rather than an ordinary presenter.

Qualities of being a ‘magician’

Being a magician able to divert your attention to something important rather than focus on something irrelevant or unimportant. Famous magicians like David Copperfield, David Blaine and Chris Angel are not just remarkable magic performers, but as a talented storytellers.

Being one storyteller, one has to convince audiences to what the storyteller has to say. In order to do so, the storyteller has to be confident and high sense of humor to grasp audiences’ attention.

During your business presentation, you have to simplify your PowerPoint slides and divert your clients’ attention to your business ideas with minimal efforts. Therefore, it shortens the time of managing or creating slides in which this particular task previously would take a longer time to be completed.  

What are the ‘magic tricks’ that you should include in your slides?

These tricks are simply irresistible to your clients – only if you know what they actually want.   

In this case, let’s us discuss how you put ‘yourself’ into your slides.

Step 1: Insert your own picture into your slide template

Make sure you insert your professional looking picture of yourself into your slide templates. This picture has to be you or your colleagues (if you in groups), and the attire has to be the same as what you are wearing during your presentation.

For example, if you are wearing black suits in front of your audiences, it has to be the same in your picture. It is like a ‘magic trick’ that diverts your clients’ attention to your slides when they see a still picture of you on the screen.

Step 2: Create a dialogue bubble in each of the slide

Whenever you want to deliver your ideas to your clients, insert a dialogue bubble along with the text-contents in which both represent a conversation that initiated from your picture that has been inserted in your slide template earlier.

This creates a close rapport with your clients in which they area able to relate with your product ideas, company background in terms of its mission statement, objectives and other related resources.

What is board book printing?

What is board book printing?

Cardboard book is a book printed directly on thick cardboard. Because of their thickness, they are usually bound by saddle stitching. They are very suitable for playing with young children and are also an excellent educational tool for young children. There are many options for board book printing, including custom board book printing that is shaped and trimmed to your liking.

For children’s board books, art paper is usually used to pack art paper so that each page is thick enough. You can design two rounded corners to protect the children when flipping and reading the book.

Board printing is becoming more and more popular due to its wide range of benefits for young children, and children’s board printing can creatively attract young children. With the vigorous development of smart phones in family life, a whiteboard book provides a refreshing change for parents, teachers and learners to establish basic learning modules. To print card board book is becoming more and more popular and has different benefits for toddlers and children.

Especially in the printing of pictures and drawing boards for toddlers and preschoolers. Even the small details of the production are also paid attention to. When making round corners and die-cutting, they must be round enough, which is good for children.

In China, cardboard book printing is an economical way to make the best cardboard books for your children. You can see great cost savings, while having excellent printing and binding quality.

Cardboard books are books in which each page is made of thick cardboard. Children’s small hands sometimes encounter difficulties and cannot turn thinner paper materials. Using a cardboard book to print thick pages can make it easier to turn the pages, as well as possible tearing problems.

This kind of binding is very suitable for children’s books, because the cardboard makes the book durable and can withstand a large number of children’s flipping, and the thick cardboard allows the little fingers to easily turn the pages without help. Most cardboard books also use rounded corners to prevent paper cutting.

In fact, the binding method of writing on the blackboard is not technically “binding” at all. Each set of 2 pages is printed, cut, and then glued to another cardboard.

Cardboard books traditionally use laminated finishes or glossy UV on all pages to increase durability and protect them from the harsh treatments they would normally receive during use.

As the best company of board book printing china, we will ensure the use of special soy ink for printing, and strictly enforce safety and standard regulations when printing board books.