Commercial Real Estate – Listing Presentation Tips For Agents

The real estate listing presentation has to be specific to the property and the local market. Generic listing presentations are not worth the paper they’re written on. Far too many real estate agents use generic presentations which do not deal specifically with the property or the current economic climate.

If you have been invited to prepare a listing presentation for a vendor, the following list of topics will assist your presentation process and format. They are in relative order although the order may change to suit your business focus and the property.

  1. The executive summary should appear at the front of the document. This should be no more than two pages in length and should include the key attributes of the following proposal.
  2. A property brief should be included here to explain the requirements of the client and the sale as you understand them.
  3. A description of the property in detailed format is required at this point. This will require a search of the property title, leases, encumbrances, rights of way, and any other orders or notices that can have impact on the property sale. It is also appropriate to attach indicative plans of the premises and the tenant mix.
  4. A summary of the current market trends is important at this point. The client needs to understand the location of of any existing comparable property with which they compete, the current price evidence from other listings and sales of recent time, time on market for recent sales, and the enquiry type that is being recorded in this market.
  5. A summary of the target market that you wish to tap into will give the client a solid understanding of the property as you see it. When you define the target market correctly, you can define the marketing campaign and its individual elements.
  6. A summary of property changes and alterations that should be adopted and required prior to the releasing of the property into the market place. Give due regard to the tenant mix, any vacant areas, the exercising of any lease options and rent reviews, the improvements on the property, legal documentation, and operational costs.
  7. The recommendations that you wish to make to the client regards the pricing of the property given the existing comparable sales and other methods of price analysis that you adopt. It will be necessary for you to use evidence of other sales in this process.
  8. The recommendation that you wish to make regards the method of sale to adopt with the subject property. Not every method of sale will be appropriate in a given market. It is necessary to explain to the client the best method of sale that you believe is relative to the marketing campaign.
  9. Details of the marketing campaign to be used in the property promotion process. That should include costing’s, selected media to be used, a draft adverts, and examples of other campaigns where the client can make choices of format and layout.
  10. Testimonials and other information regards the staff and your office involved in the sale process will be relevant but should only be inserted at the back of the document. Most clients find this information tedious and irrelevant.

When you prepare a comprehensive document to support your listing presentation, the client can see that you are totally aligned to the opportunity that the property presents. This property market requires agents that are innovative and proactive.

Listing of a property for sale is the first stage of a strategic and comprehensive sale process. That is the high value the real estate agent brings to the clients in this market.

The Significance of KPI Presentation

If you are active in any industry, you connote success with being the best. If you are on top, then it means that you and your business are doing well. This is your definition of success. There is nothing bad to that mentality. In fact a lot of entrepreneurs think the same way. Therefore there is nothing wrong if you think that.

You need to have KPI presentation in order to let everyone know that your company is successful. If the company is successful, this will spill over to the employees. They will feel good about being a part of that business. This generates revenue for the employees as well as the owners. Therefore, there is the need to incorporate the key performance indicators or KPI through what is known as the KPI presentation. With this presentation, everyone will have an idea where exactly they are in the industry.

To give you a background, key performance indicators are the factors that gauge the success of the company. If anyone wants a clearer picture on these, then the best KPI presentation is one that has the presentation indicators listed one after the other and there are indications on whether these goals are realized or not.

When this is placed in a business setting, the entrepreneur would put the KPI presentation into heart. This is because reaching the company’s objective and completing the agenda is the mission of any company. In doing so, more revenue will come in and the business will become more stable than how it originally started out. The presentation indicators inform the owner whether the business is doing well or not.

If you are the employer, you must make sure that the employees understand where the business is at in a whole scale. This is where the metrics presentation comes in handy. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to comprehend the information that is presented in the details. The whole point of having the KPI presentation is to kept he employees in the loop. There is also information for them to discuss. In fact, this is proof that the KPI presentation is the best thing to do.

The presentation indicators must be organized in a particular manner. You can also make leaflets and distribute these to the employees. In that way, they get to remember what they saw in the presentation. Base it on the inciting responses of the people who are working in your office. When employees are let in, then they get to work more effectively. They want to be part of a successful company and deep inside, they would do their best in order for the company to achieve its goals and objectives. Now having an idea of the metrics presentation, they too will strive toward that goal.

Finally, the features that are listed in the KPI presentation must also show the content. It is very important to tackle all the basics because this is the very core of the presentation indicators. In that way, you as well as the employees know the status of the business and there is solidarity with that.

Over Done Cologne and Your Business Presentation

One of the easiest ways to destroy a business presentation is to over do the perfume or cologne, as it is distracting and even if the scent is one of high-price and quality, it also is a turn-off to a board of directors or decision making group? After all what are you trying to hide? Are you trying to mask the fact that your program or pitch stinks as much as your body odor? Over Done Cologne and Your Business Presentation do not mix.

What scents make the most sense? It is not so much the scent as it is the lack of a domination over your victims. Over doing the cologne or perfume is not a smart tactic and yet we see so many folks doing this.

Before my retirement as a Franchisor Founder, I had many people present ideas, concepts, products and services to my company and occasionally someone would come in with impeccable attire and over done cologne or perfume, it was such a turn off that rarely did I ever reward them with an order of any kind.

One time we had a gal, quite good looking come in and pitch us one some cleaning products to use in our franchise company. She was very nice, sincere sounding and yet all that perfume, just made me wonder what on Earth she was hiding? I even thought, I wonder if their cleaning chemicals would be that obnoxious. One of our senior executives asked her on a date, which she accepted but we never bought anything from that company. Consider all this in 2006.